Craft Idea!

I went to Michael’s site to see if CriCuts were on sale (patience Jenny, it’s not close enough to Christmas) and I saw this ad:

ad for craft supplies and project

That would make a pretty decent kid or tween craft, yes?  Instructions can be found here.

Hmmm….how to switch it up so it will appeal to boys too….

Money! Money! Money!

Last night, 0ur Friends of the Library approved the $2,500 I asked for for new stuff/replacement stuff for the kids and teens programs. Woohoo! I ❤ my FOL.

Now…to get busy buying stuff! um…if anybody sees a CriCut and/or PS3 on sale, pls lemmie know. Also, I’m taking suggestions for:

-toys and games that can* be played with quietly by 4-10 year olds and that don’t have a lot of little pieces.  bonus if it’s both educational and tons of fun.  broad values of educational are welcome.

-good video games for tweens and teens, especially games than are multiplayer or good for tournaments

-tween and teen books that have been made into movies and would be popular and interesting choices for book vs. movie discussion groups

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*note the “CAN” – I’m just wanting to make it easy for them to do as they should, I’m not expecting miracles here.