The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond

cover image for The Hunger Games SoundtrackBurnett, T. Bone (producer). (2012) The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond. New York, NY: Universal Republic Records.


The 15 songs on The Hunger Games movie soundtrack do not come from the film itself, although three are played during the credits, rather they are all original songs inspired by the movie and recorded by a diverse group of artists.

Critical Evaluation:

It’s tempting to dismiss this soundtrack as merely being a marketing gimmick, since it’s hardly a proper soundtrack.  Actually listening to the songs does not give that impression.  The goal was to make money, obviously, but the songs stay true to the themes and mood of the movie and make me think more of author’s writing playlists or creations from talented fans.  Some, like Miranda Lambert’s Run Daddy Run sound much like the kind of folk music that might be sung in District 12, while more modern rock songs like Kid Cudi’s The Ruler and the Killer capture the anger and despair of the games themselves.  And I must guiltily confess to tearing up more than once while listening to Taylor Swift, whose Safe and Sound deliberately evokes both Peeta’s injury and Rue’s final moments.  The Hunger Games soundtrack may have initially made waves because of it’s ties to the popular movie and series, but it is the songs themselves, haunting and true to the spirit of the story, that continue to make this a popular album.

Reader’s Annotation:

15 haunting and original songs inspired by the girl who was on fire.

Author Information:



Booktalking Ideas:

NA  (although quite a bit of them would work as poetry to be read aloud)

Reading Level/Target Age:


Possible Controversy:

For popular music, it’s very mild, especially considering the topic.

Reasons for Choosing This Title:

Friends kept talking about how great this was, and I found it strange at first that this film would have a soundtrack.


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