An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis in Global Warming

cover image for An Inconvenient TruthGore, Al. (2007) An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis in Global Warming. New York, NY: Viking.

Plot Summary:

With statistics and full color photographs, Gore presents the basics of a global crisis. From explaining greenhouse gases to chronicling Antarctica’s dramatically shrinking size, an airtight case for humanity’s influence on the global climate is made.  While deliberately and understandably alarming, the book ends on a hopeful note – showing the ways in which the modern world has been able to change its ways  and halt the process when we have put the effort into doing so.

Critical Evaluation:

The teen version of Gore’s popular and controversial book is much abridged, but still densely packed with information.  The abundance of graphics help to break up the text and ground the data in something more tangible for readers.  It’s an important book for teens to read, especially as it spends a decent amount of time discussing what can be done to halt global warming.  Some older teens will prefer reading the original adult title, but having this copy available as well will make the information accessible to a larger number of teen readers.

Reader’s Annotation:

“I is our only home. And we must take care of it.”

Author Information:

Being such a public figure, Gore’s sites are more about his projects than a way to connect to readers, but interested teens will find them informative.



Booktalking Ideas:

Props would work really well for this talk, not just graphs and pictures from the book, but everyday things like packaging and light bulbs. The trick would be to give enough information to be understandable and credible, but not so much that potential readers think checking out the book would now be unnecessary.

Reading Level/Target Age:

5th grade/10-16

Possible Controversy:

The controversy surrounding the movie and adult title is likely to follow the teen version as well.  The best defense is a well rounded collection and various educational and scientific organization’s endorsement of the series.

Reasons for Choosing This Title:

I was curious as to how this title would be adapted for younger readers.


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