The Phantom Tollbooth

cover image for The Phantom TollboothJuster, N.  (1961)  The Phantom Tollbooth.  New York, NY: Random House Children’s Books.


Nothing interests Milo.  Everyday is just another repetition of the same old humdrum that filled the day before.  Until a mysterious package arrives that sends Milo off to a strange world where watchdogs keep time, sounds are kept locked in vaults, and colors are created by an orchestra.  In no time at all, Milo is off on a quest to rescue not one princess, but two – Rhyme and Reason.  Will Milo manage to complete his quest?  Will he be able to find his way home afterwards?  And if he gets back, will Milo still think the world holds nothing but boredom.


Norton Juster’s classic has delighted tweens for decades, long before the term was even coined, and will continue to do so for decades to come.   The Phantom Tollbooth will especially delight younger tweens who are ready to graduate from Kat Kong and Dogzilla to more sophisticated word play, and yet still enjoy a day spend imagining themselves in places of their own creation.



Best for ages 8-12


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