Drake and Josh

promo pic for Drake and JoshDoty, G. (Writer) & Christiansen, R. (Director)  Vicious Tiberius [Television series episode].  (September 24, 2006)  In Schneider, D.  (Producer) Drake and Josh.  Hollywood, CA: Nickelodeon Productions.


Drake Parker and Josh Nichols are best friends, and now brothers.  Step-brothers, that is.  They get along fine at school, even though Drake is always looking for fun while Josh is always determined to do his best, but can they survive sharing a room?  They’d better, because  they also share an even bigger problem that will take both of them to solve: a sneaky little sister.

I was fully expecting to hate this show, based on the ads, but it wasn’t that bad.  Again, it’s full of the stupid humor that I rarely liked even as a kid, but it manages to be not quite mind-numbingly dumb.   I can think of plenty of tweens that would find it funny enough, and the main premise of the episode I watched was something tweens can relate to, even if it quickly ventured into the unlikely from there. The best parts are the intros, where Drake and Josh each tell the same story from their own point of view.  I would totally watch whole shows of just that.

Best for ages 8-14

Show website: http://www.teennick.com/shows/drake-and-josh/


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