Warriors: Into the Wild

cover image for Warriors: Into the WildHunter, E. (2003) Warriors: Into the Wild.  New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers.




Rusty lives the pampered life of a kittypet, fed and cared for by two-legs.  He has been warned by the other kittypets to stay out of the woods and away from the cats who live there. Rusty, longing to hunt, ignores the warnings and ends up having a dangerous encounter with on the fierce warriors who live in the woods, without the help or hindrance of any twolegs.  However, the meeting ends with an intriguing offer to join the ThunderClan and live his days not as a kittpet, but as a warrior.  Will Rusty choose to leave the safety of being a kittypet in order to enjoy the adventure of being part of a clan?  How will a kittypet survive amongst the danger and intrigue of clan life?


This is one of those books that was an occasional chore to get through, but that I can totally understand why so many tweens love it.  It’s all the make-believe adventure games you used to play when you were kids brought to life through cute litte kitty-cats.  What I did admire about the series – and I think is the reason for a lot of its appeal – was how practical the story was at times.  It’s pure fantasy, clearly, but Hunter doesn’t shy away from mentioning (albeit sometimes in code) topics like birth, death, and even neutering pets.  Altogether this gives the series a level of sophistication that tweens are usually unable to create for themselves but very much appreciate.  It also provides a softer introduction to issues that many tweens would find more difficult to deal with in realistic fiction.

Best for ages 8-13


Series website: http://www.warriorcats.com/warriorshell.html


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