Walk Two Moons

cover image for Walk Two MoonsCreech, S. (1994).  Walk Two Moons.  New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers.




Salamanca Tree Hiddle is on a trip with her grandparents, driving all the way from Ohio to Idaho to find her mother. To keep everyone entertained, Sal tells Gram and Gramps all about her friend Phoebe. Although Phoebe, as Grams puts it, lives in her own “wild, pepped-up world” very different from Sal’s way of seeing things, her story begins to sound a lot like Sal’s.

As Sal herself explains, Walk Two Moons is a story within a story, which ends up allowing for a lot of literary tricks that might be hard to do with such a young audience otherwise. It was neat to see how Sal could see what was going on in Phoebe’s life more clearly than Phoebe could and much more clearly than Sal could see what was happening to her own family. That this allowed Sal to understand her own family better gives extra weight to the title and one of the main themes of the book.

This was certainly a nicely written story and a very sad story – but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t started off this semester by reading Love, Aubrey – and if I hadn’t read what feels like several dozen other stories about lost or neglectful mothers in the meantime. (No, I’m not sure how that happened. Although it does seem to be a common theme in realistic fiction for 12 year old girls, which doesn’t terribly surprise me.) As it is, I can intellectually understand why it’s award winning, and it’s certainly wasn’t forgettable, but I’m not sure how I’m going to face all my friends and family who adore it to pieces.


Best for ages 10-14


Author website: http://www.sharoncreech.com/index.html


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