Serving Young Teens and Tweens: Chapter 1

I have to say that I love how Anderson starts this chapter.

Just as tweens often swing back and forth between childhood and being teenagers, our views of the the advantages they have and risks they face tends to vary wildly from adult to adult and from one day to the next.  The truth is that tweens are individuals, just like adults, and the dangers they face and the skills they have for coping with them varies a lot.

This is part of why Lesesne is so very right when she talks about finding the right book for the right reader.  It’s not just that some kids may be ready for certain topics while others of the same chronological age aren’t, but that some kids already have to deal with such things, while others don’t.  Some kids have parents that are capable and interested in discussing what their kids are reading, others aren’t.  So some tweens need stories that talk about certain problems or ideas more than others, and some tweens have more support at home in case they need help dealing with the concepts they come across.

One of the questions I ask myself when it comes to deciding if certain movies and books are appropriate for children and teens is whether or not children are likely to be dealing with any of the issues that make the story potentially inappropriate.  I may not recommend certain books to most tweens I encounter, but I do want to make sure that children and teens that are dealing with tough issues have protagonists they can relate to in the fiction in our collection, and information that can help them in the non-fiction in that same collection.  This means that there will be books about abuse, assault, sexuality, drugs, and all kids of other controversial issues in the juvenile and young adult collections that not every parent will agree with.


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