cover image for Hoot dvd

Buffet, J. (Producer), & Shriner, W. (Director).  (2006) Hoot [Motion Picture]. United States: New Line Cinema.


I’m going to skip the recap, because the movie follows the book fairly closely.

Hoot is nice, solid, book to movie translation.  Some of the details had to be left out in order to get the movie to fit into the required running time, but the only time that mattered all that much was at the beginning, which seemed rushed and choppy in places.  Other than that, the story flowed smoothly and captured much of the spirit of the book.  Two things that were extra nice about the film were the casting of Like Wilson as officer David Delinko and the ability to do nice, sweeping shots of the natural landscapes in Florida.  The former gave his character – who was pretty much just a bumbler in the book – some much needed sympathy and the latter helped drive home the larger issues at stake within the story.

Like the book, Hoot has just the right blend of suspense and humor to appeal to tweens.  It also touches on many themes – such as dealing with transitions and finding one’s voice – that are especially relevant to them.

Best for ages 8-13


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