109 Forgotten American Heroes

cover image for 109 Forgetten American HeroesYing, C. & McMullen, B. (2009) 109 Forgotten American Heroes. New York, NY: DK Publishing




So, you know who invented the light bulb, you can name the first president of the United States, and of course you’ve heard of Rosa Parks.  But do you know who invented masking tape?  Have you ever heard of the Philadelphia Tea Party?  Or Claudette Colvin?

In this highly imaginative and entertaining book, Ying and McMullen list 109 “heroes” (and 9 villains) who helped make the world we live in what it is today.  It gets off to a slow start, but that doesn’t matter much as it’s an easy book to read out of order, and by the time the pages reach the 1900’s, our authors have hit their groove and each page is filled with wacky and interesting information – and has a colorful and dynamic layout to match.

This is one of those books to keep around to encourage interest in history and technology rather than to necessarily use as a reference book (although, it does have the requisite index).  Tweens especially will love both the engaging graphics and the weird but true facts they present.


Best for ages 9-15


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