Exploring Caves: Journey into the Earth

cover image for Exploring CavesAulenbach, N. H., Barton, H. A., & Delano, M. F. (2001) Exploring Caves.  Washington, DC: National Geographic Society




Cavers Nancy Holler Aulenbach and Hazel A. Barton invite readers (and a film crew) along with them as they research some of the most fascinating caves on earth.  The first place they visit is Greenland, to see inside the unstable and everchanging ice caves hidden with cracks in the vast glaciers that cover much of the country.  By the end of the journey, readers have also seen glimpses of underwater caves in Mexico, a cave that can only be reached by climbing down the side of the Grand Canyon, and caves filled with bats.


This book is more properly an elementary school book than a middle school title.  However, it is a great title to have around for reluctant tween readers of all ages.  The intriguing subject matter and the slim number of pages make it a book that might be picked up by tweens that would skip more mundane subjects or more daunting texts.  Also, the narrative style will encourage readers to connect with the authors find the already dramatic topic to be even more intense while the detailed and bright photographs will keep the readers turning pages.

Best for ages 7-12


Film Website: http://www.macgillivrayfreemanfilms.com/site/our-films/film-library/journey-into-amazing-caves.html


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