Zeke and Luther

image for Zeke and LutherBunje, D. & Stanton, N. (Writer), & Putch, J. (Director).  (2010).  Robo-Luth [Television series episode].  In Dearborn, M. & Burkhard, T. (Producer), Zeke and Luther.  Burbank, CA: Disney XD Original Productions.


[Once again, one can tell that a show about teens is meant to be watched by tweens instead by it’s notable lack of sarcasm.]

Zeke Falcone and Luther Waffles are best friends whose primary goal in life is to become the best skaters ever.  This particular episode revolved around Luther first getting injured during a failed attempt at a daring trick, and then later surpassing everyone’s (including Zeke’s) records via the extra power he gets from the microchip the doctor implanted in order to fix his injured knee.  The knee, of course, eventually goes crazy and must be brought back to normal.  A side plot involved Zeke driving his germ phobic little sister crazy by claiming to have sneezed in an undisclosed location in her room.


So, clearly, not the most realistic of shows.  It is, in fact, full of quite a bit of stupid.  However, with the exception of the fact that once again it is the third wheel, Kojo, that is black while both of the title characters are white, it’s mostly harmless stupid.   Zeke and Luther’s exploits are generally too outrageous and unbelievable for any one old enough to enjoy the show to consider trying to emulate them much, and while they spend most of their time loafing around, it’s clearly meant to portray how tween boys would like to spend their time and not how teen boys are expected to spend their time. It’s bit too ridiculous and over the top for me to find it enjoyable personally, but I’m not overly surprised to find that it is one of the higher rated shows among tween boys.

Best for ages 8-12

Official Website: http://disney.go.com/xd/zekeandluther/


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