The Wonder Years

Perry, M. B. (Writer), & Hillshafer, B. (Director).  (1989).  Wayne on Wheels [Television series episode]. In The Wonder Years. USA : New World Television.

Langan, T. W. (Writer), & Stern, D. (Director).  (1989).  Mom Wars [Television series episode].  In The Wonder Years.  USA : New World Television.

Carlson, M. (Writer), & Karrel, M. (Director).  (1989).  On the Spot [Television series episode].  In The Wonder Years.  USA : New World Television.


In each and every episode, The Wonder Years shows us that the times may change, but there are some parts of growing that never do.   Originally a primetime show that aired in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and took place in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, today’s tweens can now follow Kevin Arnold though his junior high and high school years on The Hub at 9 pm.

Kevin himself is far from perfect, but that is exactly what makes him so endearing.  He may say and do obnoxious things at times, but the narration of his thoughts show his internal struggles as he tries to figure out this whole growing up business.  He’s helped – and sometimes hindered – along in his journey by his family, his best friend Paul Pfeffer, and his friend and love interest, Winnie Cooper.

Some parts of the show, such as Mr. and Mrs. Arnold’s fight over whether the latter will get a job, will certainly feel out of date – as they were meant to even when the show first aired – but they also give an intriguing glimpse into how culture has changed over the last 40 years.  However, today’s tweens will certainly recognize and identify with Kevin’s fights with his brother or dealing with his first pimple.

Best for ages: 11-adult

Awards and Reviews:

Emmy for best Comedy Series 1988

Golden Globe for Best TV Comedy/Musical Series 1989.


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