The Egypt Game

cover image for the egypt gameSnyder, Z. K. (1967) The Egypt Game. New York, NY: Random House, Inc.




April Hall and Melanie Ross have a secret game that only they know about.  Well, ok, Melanie’s little brother Marshall knows about it too.  So does their new neighbor Elizabeth Chung.  And it’s possible that two of their classmates, Toby Alvillar and Ken Kamata may know something about it as well.  But that’s all!  Also, they have bigger problems than keeping the game a secret – a child was found murdered in their neighborhood recently, and now they can’t even get to the secret place where they go to play the Egypt Game.


Although it’s over forty years old, there isn’t much about The Egypt Game that feels dated.  This classic story of imagination and intrigue will still appeal to tweens today just as it did decades before anyone ever used that term.  April, Melanie, and their classmates are very much on the verge of becoming teens, but still able to enjoy the pleasures of childhood.  Some older tweens may find it childish, but many will get caught up in the mystery, characters, and the games of childhood.

Best for ages 8-12

Awards: Newbery Honor

Author’s Website:


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