cover image for SmileTelgemeier, R. (2010) Smile. New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc.




I loved this story and identified with Raina so much that I just can’t manage an objective sounding review for this book. It was so completely awesome from start to finish, but I think the part where I was certain that I loved it to pieces and always would was when Raina went in to see The Little Mermaid and came out to declare to her mother that she wanted to be an animator when she grew up. That was me. I did that. (Except that we were still in the theatre watching the credits. And what I said was that one day my name would be up there.)


Needless to say, today’s tweens will not feel that spark of “I remember that!” when Telgemeier talks about the Loma Prieta earthquake or playing with her NES, just as I certainly never had to have my two front teeth pulled out. They will, however, identify with her social struggles, finding solace in creative work, and learning to stand up for herself. This was a fantastic book and I highly recommend it for both tweens and teens. It will likely appeal most to readers that are in or have been in middle school. Best for ages:10-16


Awards and Reviews: Horn Honor Book


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