Brain Camp

cover image for Brain CampKim, S., Klavan, L. Hicks, F. E. (2010) Brain Camp.  New York, NY: First Second


Jenna Chun is an ordinary teenager in a family where “ordinary” might as well mean “failure.”   Lucas Meyer, on the other hand, is on the fast track to a career in auto theft.  Both are sent by their parents to Camp Fielding, whose brochures claim to turn even the  biggest losers into prodigies. Since both arrive late as replacements for campers that had to mysteriously leave early, Jenna and Lucas quickly form an uneasy friendship.  They also soon begin to suspect that Camp Fielding is up to no good.

Brain Camp may not be a must-have or must-read, but it is certainly entertaining enough to be worth the money and time.  It will mainly appeal to older tweens, especially those that are older in age but aren’t always as mature or eager to grow up as their peers.  However, any tween who feels a little overwhelmed by the new responsibilities and the higher expectations that come with leaving childhood behind will  find much to identify with in Lucas and Jenna’s personalities and predicament.

Best for ages 10-14


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