Money! Money! Money!

Last night, 0ur Friends of the Library approved the $2,500 I asked for for new stuff/replacement stuff for the kids and teens programs. Woohoo! I ❤ my FOL.

Now…to get busy buying stuff! um…if anybody sees a CriCut and/or PS3 on sale, pls lemmie know. Also, I’m taking suggestions for:

-toys and games that can* be played with quietly by 4-10 year olds and that don’t have a lot of little pieces.  bonus if it’s both educational and tons of fun.  broad values of educational are welcome.

-good video games for tweens and teens, especially games than are multiplayer or good for tournaments

-tween and teen books that have been made into movies and would be popular and interesting choices for book vs. movie discussion groups

crossposted at my elljay

*note the “CAN” – I’m just wanting to make it easy for them to do as they should, I’m not expecting miracles here.


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